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Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo

DSH Tax Consulting, (formerly Kantor Akuntan Publik Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo, Irwan & Rekan) has over fifty years of experience in serving national and international clients in Indonesia. Over the years, we have provided services in tax and management consulting. Through extensive experience and contacts with both business and government, enhanced by our international experience, we can deliver the highest quality service that companies and individuals need. We have long been respected as the leading professional services firm in the nation. And, now we are committed to provide tax training services.

The company commenced practice as Public Accountants in 1962 (in partnership with Arthur Young & Company), and continued with Ernst & Young up to 1996.

Starting from 1996 the accounting firm become a member of Horwath International Association up to June 30, 2010.

Starting from October 2004, to follow the new regulation regarding Public Accountant Services In Indonesia (Minister of Finance decree no. 423/KMK.06/2002 and 359/KMK.06 /2003), our new firm name is “Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo, Irwan & Rekan” as the successor of “Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo & Rekan”. The new Public Accounting firm Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo, Irwan & Rekan consist of 3 partners and Mr. Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo is the Managing Partner, and is approved by the Minister of Finance, decree no. Kep. 422/Km.6/2004 dated October 12, 2004.

Starting from January 2017, our company focused on tax consulting services and and tax training. We changed our name into DSH Tax Consulting or PT. Santoso Abadi Indonesia. The new company is approved by Miniter of Law and Human Rights decree no. AHU-0057809.AH.01.01 dated December 28, 2016.


Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo MBA.
Founding Father of DSH Tax Consulting

Mr. Santoso is the founding father of the company. As a Registered Public Accountant, Mr. Santoso has over 44 years of extensive experience serving a large and diverse range of clients, local as well as international, in the business, financial and tax fields. Mr. Santoso commenced practice as a public accountant in 1962 (in partnership with Arthur Young & Company), and continued his relationship with Ernst & Young up to 1996. Starting from 1996 the firm became a member of Horwath International Association up to June 30, 2010.

Mr. Santoso graduated from the Economics faculty at the University of Indonesia, majoring in business economics in 1959 and accounting in 1960. Mr. Santoso obtained an MBA qualification from New York University in 1959.

Mr. Santoso was a Chairman of the Accounting Department of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia from 1960 to 1963 and was a senior lecturer of the Post Graduate Management Program of the University of Indonesia. He is a member of the Indonesian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Director for International Relation Division of the Indonesian Registered Tax Consultant Association, and a member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA).

Besides his managerial function, he has also undertaken numerous assignments which included special investigations, company valuation, corporate planning, corporate capital financing and management. Mr. Santoso has been a consultant to many companies established under the framework of domestic and foreign capital investment laws. For the last 30 years Mr. Santoso has specialized in tax consulting services and is a tax specialist in the field oil, gas and energy.

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